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Hard chromium plating


Chromium is widely used in metal finishing industry for both decorative and hard-chrome plating. Hard chromium plating is a technology applied for corrosion protection of steel with the use of sulfuric acid and chromium oxide as a medium in a chrome bath. The process is accompanied by formation of aerosol chromium oxide (CrO3), which is very dangerous for human health and therefore the emission’s limit for ChromiumVI as well as the imission’s concentration in the ambient air are very low and very strictly checked. For this reason it must be removed from the exhausted air.

droplet separator

Our company EVECO uses the vane type separator with the drainage of the chromium sulfuric acid into a tank and then into a waste water treatment. The advantage is the high separation efficiency at a low pressure drop of the separator. When necessary, many stages are installed, also in the combination with the pre – collection system (coagulator) which increases the size of aerosols.

The separator can also be used for other types of aerosol, for example, nickel oxide according to the technology applicable for the corrosion protection.

The type series is available for usual capacity from 2 000 to 35 000 m3/hour of exhaust air, but every installation must be designed individually with respect to all operating parameters and circumstances.

List of references:


Aerosol separation of chromosulphuric acid from chrome plating

  • Severografie Děčín, Czech republic
  • Bižutérie Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech republic
  • BUZULUK Komárov, Hořovice, Czech republic
  • Galvanovna Běchovice, Czech republic
  • ČKD Slaný, Czech republic
  • Letov Praha, Czech republic
  • VAB Bánovce nad Bebravou, Slovakia
  • VSŽ Košice, Slovakia
  • Autopal Nový Jičín, Czech republic


Aerosol separation of chromosulphuric acid from hard and white chrome plating

  • Závody ťažkého strojárstva Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia
  • PERMON, Komárov, Czech republic


Aerosol separation of chromosulphuric acid from hard and white chrome plating

  • NOVEX Bohemia Slaný, Czech republic
    • Design, delivery, assembly supervision of exhaustion of air from chrome plating bath
    • Contaminants: chromium oxid
    • Separation technology: vane type separator
    • Air flow: 5 500 m3/h
    • Year of realization: 2010