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+420 606 641 435

Eveco, s.r.o.
Vinohradská 2577/178
Praha 3, Vinohrady
130 00



 Measuring emissions:


We provide measurements of emissions (technical, authorized, accredited) from combustion processes and waste gases of all technological processes, etc.

Measured substances (dust, SO2, inorganic oxygen compounds of sulfur, CO, NOx, chlorine and its gaseous inorganic compounds, fluorine and its gaseous inorganic compounds, ammonia, formaldehyde, cyanide, strong inorganic acids except HCl, TOC, PCDD, PCDF, PAH, PCB, metals, Sb, As, Be, Sn, Cr, Co, Cd, Mn, Cu, Ni, Pb, Hg, Se, Te, Tl, V, Zn.

Delivery of internals, fans:

We deliver internals and fillings such as packing, structured, support grids, trays, liquid distributors and other accessories for columns.
We deliver plastic fans with a higher differential pressure and stainless steel fans in Ex version.